Thursday, October 21, 2010


At my 30-week appointment I had lost three pounds! I'm really not sure how that happened, and I don't really believe that scale is as accurate as it thinks it is. :) But, I'll take it!

So overall, I am four pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight. Booyah!

But the real challenge is just ahead. Babies gain 1/2 a pound every week during the last month. Gotta eat well and exercise a lot so the last trimester weight doesn't kill me!

Wouldn't it be great to weigh less after having the baby than when I got pregnant? Just sayin'.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

29 Weeks

Might as well keep this up so I remember it's there for post-baby fitness tracking!

I am at 29 weeks. I've had two appointments since I last wrote. At appointment A, I had gained 7 pounds. Whoops! I had just gotten back from visiting my family in VA and obviously they treated me well. :) I made up for it at appointment B by not gaining any. So right now I'm sitting at 7 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Not perfect, but pretty good for 29 weeks, right?

During my last visit, my midwife said my weight gain (or lack of) has been great. That gave me the motivation to do these last few months right. How great would be it to have a baby and weigh less than when you got pregnant? Sounds pretty awesome to me. So my goal is to stay the same weight for the next 11 weeks. I'm at the point where I go in every 2 weeks, so it should be pretty easy to monitor and make changes if needed.

I'm really excited to meet this new little girl! I feel very strongly that she is meant to come to our family, and is meant to come at this right time.

Getting closer!